How to seduce a woman

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It is said that seduction is an art. We say seduction is science. Of course, there are also artists who are born with the natural ability to seduce a woman. We call them "happy men". The second, less fortunate group is the majority of the general male population, who sometimes catches some of the catch, but women do not usually throw themselves around their necks. These gentlemen generally have two options: to rely on sex dating or simply to learn seduction. If you would like to pack a girl besides having sex with your family, we have some well-intentioned tips for you.

Go at the right pace

If you go too fast for a woman, you will be intrusive and impudent. A man who squeezes into favor is no rarity. It is very likely that it is similarly offered to every other woman. The catch that everyone can have is not interesting. If, on the contrary, you go too slowly, two things can happen. First, you can't make it and she leaves before you even ask for contact. Second, someone comes faster than you and she leaves with him. Remember this point because it applies at every stage of the relationship. Whether you are trying to pack a woman or get to bed, catching the right moment is the most important thing. If you miss it, the second may not come again.

Keep her insecure

As soon as a woman becomes confident, she begins to lose interest. It is paradoxical, but men who show their unconditional interest to women cease to be interesting to them. The relationship starts to fade away with the pleasant barking tension that ladies love so much. Therefore, two steps forward and one back, two steps forward and one back apply. If you can do it, it will be out of hand. In practice, it might look like asking her number and then not answering for at least two days. Then you call and invite her on a date, but at the last minute you delay your meeting for at least an hour. Simply, give her mixed signals that prolong the initial voltage. But do not exaggerate anything. You could act as indecisive and you don't want to.

Impress her senses

Perhaps we don't even have to explain here. If you really want to get a woman, you have to get her in every way. In addition to looking good and speaking the right words, you should especially smell great. The smell is very close to sexual attraction. It's something naturally instinctive. If you thought at this point that you would spill a bottle of cheap perfume on you, throw it over your head. Excellent fragrance means to underline your masculine fragrance with a drop of expensive perfume. Male smell is not sweat, but freshness of freshly showered and shaved skin.

Listen to her

He must feel good with you. Make her feel like you're interested in everything about her. Although she would talk for two hours about nail polish, you just listen and sometimes ask a question. To the point, of course. Women adore if men are unquestionably devoted to them for a simple reason. This suggests that you will behave similarly in bed. A lover who fulfills her desires is a win. Now you probably guess why you should not boast and get your attention on the first date. Who would want a selfish lover?

Flying, "accidental" touches

You have already communicated it, but we assume that you want to work further than just a pleasant conversation. You need to arouse the desire for your touch. But until she tries it, she doesn't know what she should desire. Before you throw it with your fingertips, start quietly. For the first time, just "accidentally" touch her hand. For example, reach for the nuts at exactly the same time as her. If you feel tension on her side, you can use it to prolong the touch for a few seconds. But then withdraw and let her fumble in uncertainty. Another very pleasant touch could point, for example, to her shoulders. Just imagine a nice evening walk and she has bare shoulders. Before you offer her a jacket, you could walk over it with your strong palms. Your touch should be bolder, firm but gentle. It will surely cause her to have chills all over her body. Then back up and give her your jacket. From now on, she will just longing to wait for your next touch. Leave it in tension and hold it until the farewell. Now or never. Wait and come with the kiss at the last possible moment. If you can do all this, it will not be able to break away from you.

Offer for sex

If you are brave or eager, you can try this step on your first date. However, if you choose to wait, your chances of success will increase significantly. Well, we leave it to you, but we'll tell you how. Some men tend to formulate sex offers as if they were offering dessert to women after dinner. Would you like a cup of coffee? And wouldn't you like to sleep with me? Not? Nothing. This is not really the way to go. Above all, you must timely attempt to get closer. It should come when the woman is so anxious that she would not refuse you anything. You can get her into that state very easily after the first kiss. Bet again uncertain. Bring in it shaking and longing by fleeting touches, so-called swirling around the focus. Walk her hand over her thigh, approach the crotch, stop, hold for a while, and back up. Stroking her back, touch her belly, touch the bottom of her breasts with your fingers, but don't touch them yet. An explosion of desire will also arouse a flood of kisses. Start with your lips, continue to your throat, then return to your lips for a while and shift to her earlobes. If you proceed correctly, it will be her 'who will take the first step. So just wait for her hand in your crotch.

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